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The World of High Yield Investment Program (HYIP
Hyip World

Welcome to our HYIP World – This is our official page of Our Open Source Project on GitHub called The HYIP Project, our Official Project Site of The HYIP World, ‘The World of High-Yield Investment Program’.

This project is taking a business called HYIP, which we found as a perfect model for us as a starting point to be discussed prior other widely business models on the future.

The project discussion will not only cover the HYIP Sites and Rating Analysis but also the HYIP Forum, HYIP Monitor, HYIP Script, and every other sources that are involved in the business model.


This project is made in the purpose of getting a possibility to build an interface to generate an integrated info from all Google Products and aim to have the access and running all available program language like Python, Java, PHP, Go with possible also Scala and Ruby and run them in the same time in to a SINGLE PAGE using a SINGLE DOMAIN without even need any sub domains!

Thanks to Google for bring this possibility to the world and making it happen.

As an update we would like to announce that we have released our software made in Google SpreadSheet called HYIP Score Analysis v1.2. A simple table with a Powerful Analysis contains the killer script formulas to do the HYIP Scoring.

This software will be the basic core of our project used for further development and to be widely open to the world on the future at our main site called Hyip World which we have started to get it Up and Running on Github.


We have also started to make our project documentation which begin with our Project Information in General. We will also introduce our initial Project Repository as well as our Wiki Documentation on a mapping concept as you can see in the diagram below.

Project Map

Project Info hyipworld-repo info-wiki hyipworld-wiki rating-repo hyipmonitor-repo rating-wiki hyipmonitor-wiki monitor-repo hyiprating-repo monitor-wiki hyiprating-wiki team-repo hyipscript-repo team-wiki hyipscript-wiki script-repo hyipteam-repo script-wiki hyipteam-wiki world-repo hyipinfo-repo world-wiki hyipinfo-wiki info-wiki hyipworld-repo info-wiki hyipworld-wiki Image Map

The HYIP Project – A Unique Mapping System (Open Source Project)

You may see the physical of this project by clicking each section of the image above. We provide also the Project Map in more details. This is the idea of how our document is presented.


We have also published a new idea on how to do hyip analysis to get the hyips rating and scam monitor in a simple way as possible so everyone can follow, thus we presented it online on a Google Spreadsheet.

"It's really simple but amazingly no one did it.."

There are a lot of hyip rating presented online on many website like hyip monitors or hyip blogs and they are not in the same figure or ratings means there is subject the site itself. We also do not believe on voting it is often happen that voting could not be used as a reference.

"How come it got so many votes when suddenly turn to scam.."

So then we decided to find the idea how to do it and spent more than a thousands hours to get the formula to become an objective result means when everyone use it then it will come to the same result !

We also offer you an article of How much can you earn with HYIP? A must read article that explaining how to deal with scam and open a secret of making money on hyip.

It is telling why you cannot get a real profit whereas you have join and invest your money on a numbers of Reliable Hyips and how to overcome with the most reasonable way ever!


Beside of the above idea, sooner or later you will find a lot of new ideas on our project including our own method on SEO, Search engine optimization that you won’t find it everywhere at least before the idea is published by us.

Just for an example, we will give an effective way to get at least 10,000 new Quality links to your site on ranked domains within just one day that continuously reaches millions yearly without ever making even a single link as a SPAM !!

We are preparing and getting a positive result on testing our new ideas on how to make our presence felt on all the search engines, including Google, to place our sites on top of their search result for each keyword that has high competition.

To give you a figure, you may check on every search engines you like, or use this tool, put the keyword ‘hyip blog‘, you will find this blog on the 1st-page result !

Just like all the other of our published methods, once the result is meeting a target then we will present this method with online and live proof on our seo page.


There will be a lot of new ideas similar to what we have explained above, although, we are pleased and welcome to everyone to use them for their own purpose.

All ideas of the concept (and on the documentation as well) are licensed under Apache License. They are no ‘patent pending‘ registered by us either in a body or an organization like USPTO, EPO, WIPO or what so ever.

We believe that until this concept is written by us, there is no such thing similar to our concept. You may use, copy, and distribute the concept under Our License.

Please note that we are not implementing any kind of License Key on this project. The Hexagonal Formation of our mapping will stand as the key itself as stated below:

The definite key to identify whether you use our concept is when there a kind of development item lies a unified assignment in hexagonal form by six (6) corresponding sets while each sets pick a combination of six (6) routes with a pairing of six (6) to six (6) of all channels.

On that case, we consider The License need to be attached. Out of The Formation, you are welcome to use whatever items on the project without any License from us.

Target Setting

As also mentioned in our Project Information, we intent to be among the best and trusted company in scoring any business in the same way as how people see Google on giving their amazing service on ‘keyword base’ search result to the world.

In line with the kind of formation explained above, we are setting a target covering six (6) networking plan in sequential of Hyip Monitoring & Rating(1), Marketing Strategy(2), Application Script(3), Topic Discussion(4), News & Blogging(5), and Social Coding(6).

Progress of such plan is traceable through the six (6) of our networking profiles performing our concept of the hexagonal formation on digging in the scope of HYIP which are also shown in the bottom side of our main site(7).

We’re expanding and formalizing the network, and we encourage you to join if you find your interest into each one of them.

High Yard Investment Program
The HYIP Project – Mapping the Concept & Setting the Target


Our big target on so what we called The ‘HYIP‘ Project is converting of what people think about the word of HYIP from High-Yield to High-Yard. Means, somehow, build a program on investment and get the return towards a high yard !

It may sound too ambiguous or unrealistic to you but we believe that impossible is nothing. How if we say that this does not rule out the possibility for us go on a wider destination to provide such kind of real business information.

"And that we able to provide in an accountable manner."

It could be like best investment return, short term investment, low risk investments, investment fund, that can be also some more valuable ones like short or long term loans, reliable insurance company, as well as for finance, trading etc.

We aware that it could probably only be achieved within so many years or we might finally find that we are going just nowhere but:

"We've taken our step and we'll do whatever it takes.."

So please don’t expect to much on it. To be honest, we are not a professional author nor even a good writer. This is just a step to where we want to go.

Last but not least we shall thanks also to WordPress for their beautiful scripts that made us choose to open our official Hyip Blog here.


Just do the way they want. Not of what you think.
Let them find their way to help you get what you want.

Hyip Gigafeed

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