Hyip Business

What is High Yield Investment Programs
What is HYIP?

HYIP is known as abbreviation of High Yield Investment Program. To address question ‘What is HYIP?’ or ‘What is High Yield Investment Programs?’ that people also ask, here we offer our very own article about HYIP as a business.

In this article we are going to discuss about the HYIP definition that has been around in related to the business.

Moreover you may find also our method to get to know about the most people that are involved in HYIP, following then with the reason of why we are dealing with.

And finally, please allow us to bring you alongside our experience and observation to answer the main question about HYIP itself as a business:

How much can you earn with HYIP?

Let’s start by talking about what HYIP itself actually is.

What is HYIP?

According to Wikipedia, HYIP is described as below:

A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. Most of these scams work from anonymous offshore bases which make them hard to track down

Although the definition is became a common statement by the word of HYIP, it is not everyone agree with. On an article titled: ‘The truth about hyips’ it is stated that Not every hyip is a scam and not every one is based on a Ponzi scheme.

The Wikipedia definition is more an expression of frustration than a fair assessment.

So which one is correct?
Let’s discuss about it in more details.
Herewith we collect some other articles about hyip:

The main difference of HYIP from other kinds of investment is high income and short turnover period. There are many HYIP with various investment plans. Basically all HYIP can be divided into two groups. Long-term and short-term HYIP.

Long-term HYIP are the projects calculating 0.01% to 5.00% daily. Any project giving 5.00% or more can be considered short-term.

More often HYIP is closed when the payment amount reaches 85% of the entire amount. The more interest rate is, the shorter the term of HYIP run is. The average “lifetime” term of long-term HYIP is about 1 year.

According to the stats, average HYIP lifetime is 6-12 months (meaning it’s a professional long-term HYIP), there can be old-timers as well. At the same time one can hardly find any HYIP that last more than 4 years. The lifetime totally depends on the program interests.

There are also HYIPs aimed at fast return. These are mostly short-term ones and more often it’s hard enough to get the income declared after joining them. I.e. they are absolute scams, but, if you are lucky you can earn some money with them as well.


People are searching what interests them through a search engine, and do this by using a word or phrase words known as keywords, in which group is shown below:

primary keyword

When we are dealing with a keyword then people will most probably see the top result and neglect the rest. In order to be marked as the top result then we have to compete with other sites.

Usually, the higher number of people who use the keywords, the harder it is to get in to the top. This is then known as Keyword difficulties.

According our own investigation here we found the most popular keywords that are related to hyip business that having high difficulties as listed and sorted from low to the highest as below:

  • hyip
  • hyips
  • hyip business
  • hyip rating
  • high yields
  • hyip monitor
  • mutual funds
  • invest online
  • investment scam
  • money news online
  • high return investment
  • short term investments
  • high yield investment programs
  • high yield investing
  • high yield investment
  • high yield investment program
  • good investment ideas
  • high yield investments
  • hyip script
  • hyip scam
  • hyip programs
  • hyip monitors
  • best hyip
  • hyip investment
  • best hyip monitor
  • safe high yield investments
  • short term investment options
  • highest return on investment
  • online investment companies
  • high return on investment
  • high yield safe investments
  • investment programs
  • investment with high return
  • high yield investment
  • high interest investments
  • high yield debt
  • invest online
  • online investment
  • high yield definition
  • high yield market
  • investment online
  • investment sites
  • high interest investment
  • high yield bond funds
  • high yield corporate bonds
  • invest money online
  • online invest
  • mutual fund
  • investments
  • low risk investments
  • high yield bonds
  • high yield stocks
  • how to invest money online
  • high investment returns
  • high yielding investments
  • investment program
  • what is high yield
  • high yield
  • high yield funds
  • income investments
  • online investments
  • high return investments
  • investing
  • invest
  • investment
  • best short term investments
  • high yield etf
  • best investment return
  • best short term investment
  • fixed income investments
  • high yeild investments
  • high yield bond
  • high yield fixed income
  • high yield fund
  • high yield mutual funds
  • high yield notes
  • safe investments with high returns
  • investment fund

long-tail keywords

Who is dealing with hyips?

Other than a question of “What is Hyip?“, it shall also be a question about the people that are dealing with the business.

An easy way to come to a figure is try to find who is the one that mostly deals with the keywords of high-yield investment programs or other HYIP keywords which are mentioned above on search engines or a social medias.

For example, using Google Trends we can get the following data:

Top 10 countries with the most searches for “HYIP

  • 1. Cote D’Ivoire
  • 2. Nigeria
  • 3. Indonesia
  • 4. Malaysia
  • 5. Iran
  • 6. Viet Nam
  • 7. Ukraine
  • 8. Russia
  • 9. Singapore
  • 10. Philippines

Top 10 Cities with the most searches for “HYIP

  • 1. Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
  • 2. Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 4. Tehran, Iran
  • 5. Singapore, Singapore
  • 6. Moscow, Russia
  • 7. Montreal, Canada
  • 8. Paris, France
  • 9. New York, NY, USA
  • 10. London, United Kingdom

Top 10 Languages with Searches for “HYIP

  • 1. Indonesian
  • 2. Russian
  • 3. Polish
  • 4. French
  • 5. English
  • 6. Japanese
  • 7. German
  • 8. Dutch
  • 9. Italian
  • 10. Portuguese

and here are more countries from Facebook

  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Germany
  • Egypt
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
  • Nigeria
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United States
  • Vietnam

Why are we dealing with hyip?

We develop a kind of Mapping System as an Open Source Project. This project takes HYIP which we found as a perfect model for us as a starting point.

Following are some reason behind this choice to this business model:

Site that running hyip business are mostly online within short period (a year or less) and hyip business has to present exact profit to the user in a short time basis to market their services.

Most important is since the hyip is mostly a ponzi scheme so hyip site cannot be run in a long time period so we could find whether our algorithm in our script is giving a correct scoring result in a short time as well.

Hyip site is easily to be considered as dead or as a hyip scam when the site is stop paying so we consider that they could not blame our scoring (as we still on start to test it) in the same way that we cannot blame when they collapse or even run and take our investment away.

So base on the above measurement we can take all information of hyip service being offered compare to the trust of the domain that can be put altogether to score and rank the hyip sites.

Despite that we are still trying hard to predict how long a hyip site can be running online we have come to our decision to release a scoring result which more or less are the same as represent by other site that comparing those sites.

However as other features compares to others we are proud that we could give it in transparent and objective score with a numbers of group base on the investment or budget level start from as low as US$ 1.

We are pleased to announce also that we are going forward to develop our scoring analysis. Please check our update on our project plan to launch our main site about The World of High Yield Investment Program (HYIP).

Hyip Business

How much can you earn with HYIP?

One of the questions often people asking is how much money can a person make from HTTP’s or if it’s possible to make a living from HYIP Business.

You can see in our Investment Analysis the reasonable profit in average is around 1% up to 2% within a single day. So it will be reasonable enough if we took the following calculation as our base for monthly profit:

Potential Monthly Profit = 1.5% Profit a Day x 30 Days = 45%

However since it’s very hard to predict if in a certain month you will profit or not then we should take into account the potential of losses. Let’s see the following scenarios on how different of investment style we could make on HYIP.

How if I make deposit on a Non Reliable Hyip?
Base on our experience if you take 10 Non Reliable Hyips most probably 8 of them will turn to scam within a month.

So we take 80% as potential lose. Consequently your profit will work only on the rest of 2 Hyps (20% only).

Potential Loose = 80%
Potential Profit = 45% x 20% = 9%
Return of Investment (ROI) = 100% – 80% + 9% = 29% (You waste your money so much..)

How if I make deposit also on a Reliable Hyip?
On the contrary if you take 10 of Reliable Hyips most probably only 2 from them or even less will turn to scam within a month since the most of Reliable Hyips can stay on the service for more than a hundred days.

There is also common if you could find some of the programs that has run on a good standing for more than 1000 days!

So back to the calculation, here you could cut the potential lose on that particular hyip to 20%. Meanwhile for the Non Reliable Hyip is stay 80%.

Potential Loose on 50% of your Investment on the Reliable Hyips = 50% x 20% = 10%
Potential Loose on 50% of your Investment on the Non Reliable Hyips = 50% x 80% = 40%
Potential Profit = 45% x (100% – 10% – 40%) = 45% x 50% = 22.5%
ROI = (50% – 10%) + (50% – 40%) + 22.5% = 72.5% (You Still Loose).

How if I join for about 10 of Reliable Hyips?
We could say that you are really lucky if the 10 of your hyips is reliable for all of them but we guarantee that it will not stay long. It is for sure sooner or later some of them will turn to scam.

Here you better stay take the Potential Loose as above but since your deposit is now distributed among the 10 hyips then you can change the deposit part from 50% by 50% to 80% by 20% so the calculation above will be as below:

Potential Loose on 80% of your Investment on Reliable Hyips = 80% x 20% = 16%
Potential Loose on 20% of your Investment on Non Reliable Hyips = 20% x 80% = 16%
Potential Profit = 45% x (100% – 16% – 16%) = 45% x 68% = 30.6%
ROI = (80% – 16%) + (20% – 16%) + 30.6% = 98.6% (Still No Profit. Waste time!)

How if I spread my deposit on about 100 Hyips?
Here you could take our simple formula which we got from our experience. In the simplest way, it says that when you join 10 times program then the current potential lose is tend to cut by 20%.

The figure which is shown above is valid if you take up to 10 programs where the potential loose is reduced by 20% or 80%. Since you join 100 programs so potential loose is reduced by another 20%. By taking this figure then you could cut the potential loose from 20% to around 16% for the Reliable Hyips and 80% to around 64% for the Non Reliable ones.

However if you are not carefully managed your investment then your deposit could only be placed in to a few of Reliable Hyips only.

Usually since there many hyips are scam then if you just spread your deposit we could say it most probably you will get around 20% on the reliable hyips and 80% on the rest. So at the end your profit calculation will be as below:

Potential Loose on 20% of your Investment on Reliable Hyips = 20% x 16% = 3.2%
Potential Loose on 80% of your Investment on Non Reliable Hyips = 80% x 64% = 51.2%
Potential Profit = 45% x (100% – 3.2% – 51.2%) = 20.5%
ROI = (20% – 3.2%) + (80% – 51.2%) + 20.5% = 66.1% (You Loose. Even Worst!)

How if I can get 80% of my deposit on the Reliable Hyips?
Here you can easily turn around the calculation above as below:

Potential Loose on 80% of your Investment on Reliable Hyips = 80% x 16% = 12.8%
Potential Loose on 20% of your Investment on Non Reliable Hyips = 20% x 64% = 12.8%
Potential Profit = 45% x (100% – 12.8% – 12.8%) = 45% x 74.4% = 33.5%
ROI = (80% – 12.8%) + (20% – 12.8%) + 33.5% = 107.9% (Finally You Got Profit!)

The above figure is really a worst-case scenario but it explains how difficult it is to get profit when you join only a few HYIPs whereas you could have put your deposit mostly on the reliable ones. You should note that the secret of this game is the formula of reducing the potential loss by adding the numbers of joined HYIPs.

It might be on your question now how that could be true that if potential loose on 10 hyips is 20% then it will be 16% on 100 hyips, right?

Here you can find that in the discrete case, one can easily assign a probability to each possible value: for example, when throwing a fair die, each of the six values 1 to 6 has the probability 1/6 (16.16%).

In contrast, when a random variable takes values from a continuum then, typically, probabilities can be nonzero only if they refer to intervals: in quality control one might demand that the probability of a “500 g” package containing between 490 g and 510 g should be no less than 98%.

So if you take both samples, the probability of 16.16% can be reduced in mass product to less than 2% only! While it is quite difficult to explain, you can go on to the link above to learn more and make your own conclusions on whether our formula is realistic or not.

This also shows that getting a real profit on HYIP is possible although we are dealing with scam. One thing that you shall note is that you can be a minimal investor who only invests $10 or $20 in each plan.

These users will have very small risk but of course the profits will also very small. Say you joined 100 HYIPs with an average of $10 per HYIPs so for your total budget of $1000 you could only expect a profit around $50 – $100 a month which is relatively very small amount compare to your time spent to deal with about 100 HYIPs on monthly basis.

On our research it is common sense that you could play safe to put on each the reliable HYIPs for at least $100 for the long running programs and maximum $50 for the new ones. So when you can afford to it you will then come to another option:

How if I can optimize my deposit proportionally?
We have mentioned before that the reasonable profit in average is around 1% up to 2% within a single day. So when you are investing in such a way that the deposited amount can be optimized in order so that each plan giving a contribution to total profit then the daily profit can be as high as 2%.

Our hyip calculator could be used to achieve this purpose. It will give you the optimized amount to be deposited on the individual hyips. So when you are follow the deposited amount as given in Column ‘G’ then the Monthly Profit of 60% as calculated below is now can be taken as our base for monthly profit.

Potential Monthly Profit = 2% Profit a Day x 30 Days = 60%

Beside of adjusting the deposit amount in order so that the average daily profit get in to at least 2%, you need also to make sure that 80% of your total deposit is invested on the Reliable Hyips.

Here we use a statistical concept called ‘Median’ which we found as the most optimistic way on separating between Reliable and Non-Reliable Hyips.

First make sure to sort The Spreadsheet by column ‘P’ after that please check that the deposit ratio at the column ‘R’ is reaching at least 80% on the last row where the ratio value in column ‘Q’ is not in red color.

Check and see it at the screenshot below (Click to enlarge):

Investment Analysis

So when everything is in order let count again and see what you can get:

Potential Loose on 80% of your Investment on Reliable Hyips = 80% x 16% = 12.8%
Potential Loose on 20% of your Investment on Non Reliable Hyips = 20% x 64% = 12.8%
Potential Profit = 60% x (100% – 12.8% – 12.8%) = 60% x 74.4% = 44.6%
ROI = (80% – 12.8%) + (20% – 12.8%) + 44.6% = 119% (Wow! You Got an Amazing Profit!)

Is it too good to be true?! Check again that all above calculation are presented on a reasonable way. Just repeat it once again or better make your own calculation.

When you are coming to the same result then in short now we have the idea on how to answer the question above:

You can get about 19% Monthly Profit in Hyip Business provided that you invest on at least 100 Hyip Programs by a minimum of 80% of your deposit portion is distributed proportionally on The Reliable Hyips with an average of around 2% daily profit.

As you might aware, it is not so easy to find a business in a simple play like Hyip with a profit of around 19% a month which can triple your money (100% + 19%x12) even more than 300% within a year. Of course it will be another story if you put all of your profit back in to the investment (119%^12).

You may count also that when you can get debt for doing a business with 19% monthly profit then without spending your own money you can pay back your loan to your creditor within 6 months completely (19% x 6 = 114% > 100%).

This will valid for a paid interest up to (114% – 100%) / 6 that equal to 2.33% per months and finally you can have the rest of profits including the business it self as your own capital for good!

This is the biggest secret we share for you. You might ever wonder why we spread this idea for free. If it is true then why we don’t sell it? Well we are not intended to do it.

We just explain this business with our personal experience honestly. We believe that there will be a benefit for us in return.

19% Monthly Profit

See that this 19 is like a kind of magic number. We share our experience to give you the opportunity to get 19 and in return we got also 19 for our own.

You could do the same of course but please don’t be too strict on that. It is for sure that it shall definitely be higher if you can place your investment more and more in to the Reliable Hyips. That is why Getting the Most Reliable Hyips is the key to earn money on hyip business.

Here are some more tips if you intent to take a part in this business:

  • If you are a newbie we would suggest you to start to play around a small budget of $100 or lower. Try to spread your invest to as many HYIPs which you find they are reliable and affordable like so WorldMap.Name, Aurum Bank, Zooo.cc, CME Trades, Luxearn etc. Let’s see how the results within a month. When you believe that it works for you then you can slightly increase your budget.
  • Check carefully the performance of the programs that you want to join. We are also pleased to inform you that we have made a list of available hyip forum and hyip monitor where you can check the status of individual program. Please keep in mind and always be reminded that Hyip is about SCAM. Don’t trust with the Promotion nor even a Good Review. Find the weakness not the strong points. When you find that there is no weak points like user claims, low PM TrustScore, no Scripts Manager License, bad admin history or something else then you can go ahead to make your investment and you will not be sorry.
  • When you want to play safe, then there is one hyip site that I consider my self as not a Hyip since it has been paying constantly since It was started on July 2012. The business name is WorldMap.Name which has a kind of Payment System called Randomize that pays randomly US$ 1 once in about a month and a Referral System called Forced Matrix.
    Any point of a world can become the link to your site.
    Forced Matrix and Randomizer
    Paying Since July 2012 !
    The Forced Matrix has 10-level matrix with three (3) referrals, each level you get US$ 1 per referral. Here I use my own trick that I always place my new purchase by using my Latest Referral Link. You may imagine that whenever you finished 10 level then you will get back US$ 10 out US$ 15 of your new deposit that will also happen when you get your new referral from that link!
  • Doing every businesses, the secure is the better. In some case it could be a situation that you are going to promote your referral by disclosing your payment proofs. It is advisable to make a higher security like hiding the your account number or better make a separate account where you can put your money to collect and store your daily profits securely.
  • Beside of making a separate account as described above, there is also an option to store it in a site account that operates bitcoin exchange where you can withdraw your money back to your own account or send it in bitcoin whenever you need. If you prefer this option, we recommend you to let the currency rate always be profitable time to time using an automatic trading tool for buying and selling online such like BTC-E TradeBot, a free software, that is able to do the Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot using BTC-E Trade API. You may also consider to follow a professional and experienced trader on BTC-E PAMM Service.
  • Unfortunately since it is really hard to get more than 100 programs of the Reliable HYIPs so whatever success story you can reach that making your high intention to make a big investment (let’s say about more than $10.000 for a site) then unless your invested hyips are really reliable and having a huge reputation we could say that you are risking your money also others here. Simply because you are helping the site to quickly gain enough profit and tend to close their services otherwise they have to force them selves to pay you. You might consider to play it in to several accounts or you better grow it safely in to another investment area.

That is all what we can say about Hyip Business, the world of high-yield investment program. We can’t say that all are true but at least here is our chance of to explain something of what we believe is being true.

When you find that our figure above is realistic then you are really lucky to get it here whereas we have passed so many bad experiences before we found it. Thus we share our secret. You will not find such kind of the figure anywhere on internet.

You will only find that almost all of the people are skeptical in to this business..

Yes hyip business is fully occupied with scammers and attackers who are taking their part on the business but there is no crime on hyip business. When you loose you can only shout and that is all. The show is going on no matter people are loose or win.

At the end of the day, though, whatever people say, we found that The HYIP World is really a beautiful place to be.

This is a silent world where you can make money (if you know what you are doing) without ever needing to worry when even a single tax can take a legal part on it.


These opportunities can be extremely risky and may be outlawed in your country. You should always research any money making opportunity you participate in.

HYIP Investment programs are always Risky so do not invest if you can't afford to lose.

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'The World Maps of High-Yield Investment Program'

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  4. Before you invest your money on any investment site, you need to know the following
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    2. Check their expiry date because most of the Hyip site valid for one year.
    3. Check their running days, if is from 1-5 dont invest.
    4 Check and monitor their deposit and withdrawal if is stagnant that means they are not paying.
    5 After registration go to edit profile in your account, if your perfect money account no or payeer or advcash etc is editable that means the website is not good to invest on it.
    6. Do not open multiple accounts because is against the rules.
    So before you know all these you need to go on research.

    I got scam sometimes back but now am able to detect some of the real site, you can try this site and see they are paying instantly.

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        • Just click link of Copy of the file on the previous answer. It will bring you the the spreadsheet that is public access. This file will give you to an unrestricted File Menu where you can play with as well as to Download it in Excel File.

          There is no specific instruction on how to use the spreadsheet as it has generally the same as an Excel File that we use to explain our Hyip Analysis. However we will consider to prepare a detail documentation on it as one of our blog page.

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  13. Hello admin this is the best short training i have ever had in any business on internet, i guarantee you after 3 years of trying everything, google adwords, seo, building list, affiliate marketing, that this can be as risky and even much much less risk than all these things i mention and people call white hat and they claim tho make thousands an millions of dollars,, i have been investing in these google trip for three years 100/150 EUROS AND I HAVEN’T MADE A DOLLAR so i say to all this people, what is more risky than all the investment in money and countless hours of hard word in my computer that i have been through these last years WITH 0 ROI, come on.

    I’m happy that i have found this because with the common sense and applying your master tips and those you can find in forums like yours and talkgold i know that i’m going to make money and i really want to swipe out these google web adwords world

    Even before reading your tips yesterday, i figured out somehow after checking the threads on the forum where you post your earnings in a particular hyip, i realized that what i have to do is to spread the money on like 10 or more reliable hyips to start with and never invest again your whole earnings, instead its better to take a slice of your profit like 10-100$ and invest only that and rinse and repeat again.

    I’m excited to start, i will always be monitoring you guys in the forums, I’m creating a folder with hyip forums and also your great and stunning excel chart¡¡¡

    Thank you for everything

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