We are about Launching our Main Site for our Open Source Project

We are developing our main site for our Open Source Project on providing the most relevant information about The World of High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) which is covering the Business, Monitoring, Rating, Scripts, Forum, News and many more..

Site domain:

Following is the logo:
HYIP World - The World of High Yield Investment Program

This site is a further development our software made in Google SpreadSheet called HYIP Score Analysis v1.2. A simple table with a Powerful Analysis contains the killer script formulas to rate and score hyip sites.

In line with the project which you may find our description here, our main site runs under GitHub Pages. Here we released our own tutorial describing on how we started the site to get it Up and Running on Github:

HYIP World Tutorial

We have also started to make our project documentation which begin with our Project Information in General. We will also introduce our initial Project Repository as well as our Wiki Documentation on a mapping concept as you can see in the diagram below.

Project Map

Project Info hyipworld-repo info-wiki hyipworld-wiki rating-repo hyipmonitor-repo rating-wiki hyipmonitor-wiki monitor-repo hyiprating-repo monitor-wiki hyiprating-wiki team-repo hyipscript-repo team-wiki hyipscript-wiki script-repo hyipteam-repo script-wiki hyipteam-wiki world-wiki hyipinfo-wiki world-wiki hyipinfo-wiki info-wiki hyipworld-repo info-wiki hyipworld-wiki Image Map

The HYIP Project – A Unique Mapping System (Open Source Project)

You may see the physical of this project by clicking each section of the image above. We provide also the Project Map in more details.

As planned on our PROJECT MILESTONE, we are going to launch our main site by the next 3 months. Here are the main programs that we are currently work:

As we have introduced our simple tool called Hyip Score Analysis v1.2, here we begin with Version 1.3. We build our monitoring script using the most appropriate Programming Languages up to a very complex rating application and run in the background on the most powerful servers including that Google and Amazon has.

Nowadays, publication is an important role in every kind of business. Here we introduce our own method. We also develop a teamwork application from scratch in purpose on getting an effective way on how we can manage a target result in term of Search Engine Optimization. We bet this is still abstract to the world.

Behind a successful project it should be a solid team backup by a good mapping plan. Here we present you our concept as well as the team to meet the project plan. This is just a small team. By having a spirit to open all the sources to the world, we are open for everyone to join. Let start networking with us!