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Mapping System

How Often Should You Update Your Blog? People say it’s great for engagement because readers enjoy looking forward to new articles, resources and information on a regular basis.

Say you can post to your blog once a week, or even once a month. Well our latest post is on 2015-08-30. Almost a year ago.

But this blog remain stay on 1st-page among other ‘hyip blog’ and it happens on almost every search engines. Even when this post is published, it stays on the 1st top of Google.

How Could This Happen To Our Blog.
Is it because of the content?

Let’s take a look on some related articles like this, or this, and this, you could find that there is nothing special with our content to keep this blog stay on the top.

You won’t believe if we say that it wasn’t about the update.
It wasn’t about the content. Here we would say that:

It was about the mapping.

Why Mapping? How could it bring a blog to the top?

As we have bring some articles above as samples, there are plenty of method that discussing about how to bring a blog to the top. The question is what blog, or article, or what kind of post they are talking about. Do they able to show you their own?

This blog it is a part of our mapping platform, we are using a unique mapping to find a right way on dealing with a blog. When you find that it could stay on the top then you decide whether it is work or not.

We develop the concept of this kind of mapping as an Open Source Project by taking a business called High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) which we found as a perfect model to be taken prior other widely business models in the future.

As a starting point we have taken this hyip into the news and blogging as part of the whole mapping. And that is why we could say that our mapping has done something with this blog and brought it to the top.

It is also explainable as you may find that our pages: Hyip Forum, Hyip Script, Hyip Rating, Hyip Monitor haven’t come to stay on the top as yet all of them are still just about News and Blogging.

They haven’t come yet to get a real live of their own nature to become their kind of business but all of them are about building something which we are going to do it from the scratch in a systematic way of our very own mapping style.

So what happen next when we are able to get each all The Hyips not only as blog pages but really live in their own nature and are completely built and mapped?

That is also why we are not pretend to build our open source project to bring you The Hyips, we actually bring you The Mapping.

Concept Nature

The nature of Our Project is a kind of a Mapping System which is formed to do its best to find and recommend the best for you. It relays deeply on a unique formulation that will always become unified on every directions.

In short, our concept is all about formation. An easy example, counting the total number of an individual duplicated in pair will become three. Pairing it to even with another four, the total will be seven (7). Forming the seven by three to four lies twelve. Pairing them to even produces a total of twenty-four (24).

In our concept these process would present the total hours and days that stays fix in time cycle (24/7).

One Nature is contributed to seven (7) by three to four. On other side, combining one Nature, two Form, and three Route become six in total. Three by four complement one to six. Both are formed hexagonal.
To make it simple, say one nature is in pairing to develop become two parts, call it no 2 and no 3. When the part no 2 is not going to be settled by the system then the part no 3 has to be spread into a hexagonal maps by six (6) parts starting from no 4 till no 9.

You may see that the result has six (6) directions by three (3) in two (2) pairs where the summary on each direction will become unified to fifteen (15). When this fifteen (15) is mapped to the nine (9) parts above they will initiate a total of twenty-four (24) parts.

Since every parts have their own associated pair then the twenty (24) are generated by twelve (12) kind of processes in pairs and that consequently make them are hexagonal uniform to whatever directions it may taken.

The spreading of our mapping above will continue to move on where the complete steps in one cycles is generated in seven (7) kind of unique processes and all of them is formed by means of twenty-four 24.

To give you a figure on how whole the process are running, let’s find out in more details by going through our explanation below.


Chromosome 9
Chromosome 9

The concept adopt also the nature of life object. In humans, each cell normally has twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, for a total of forty-six. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females.

Combine with the last pair, the sex chromosomes, which differ between males and females (females have two copies of the X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome), in our concept, employs by means of hexagonal array of twenty four (24).

Going deeper into the process of DNA Replication in a chromosome, you may find a conjunction with the routes on all processes happen in our mapping system, where, at last, the routes generate their channels in hexagonal form that coherence with twelve to twelve by six to six in pairs running like hours in cycle (24).

Pairing the twelve with the associated group on the row of hyip then it will become a new cycle begin to run when all the form together is unified in the total of twenty-four (24).

Project Map

Our Mapping Segmentation

In conjunction with our concept which is contributed to seven (7) by three fo four, our project map absorb the nature of Chromosome_9 which has a central location on the twenty three pairs for a total of forty-six human chromosome.

The chromosome has the largest interferon gene cluster in the human genome, contains a total of 1,575 structures, including 1,149 genes and 426 pseudogenes.

Our mapping concept open Chromosome 9 in reading on its frame 135 to enter the implementation on our program which, follow to the diagram of its segmentation, is started by Chromosome 15 and 19 respectively.

Complement with the rest for the total of forty-six, which are compiled in forty-eight sets, then it will become finally unified as they are lied by twenty-four (24) in pairs and formed hexagonal by means of the followings:

This is what we call Six-to-Six (6-6) Hexagonal Mapping. The final mapping that pull out all the concept on finding the best solution from every direction it may have without an exception and all observed and generated within its isolated system.

So as you may guess, when this concept is implemented into a single unit then its form will intent to acquire the optimal solution on every run and grab every single possibilities to become unified as a single (1) system like so time cycle (24/7).

The Seven Steps

Let’s take a look the figure shown below on how we define this (24/7) into Seven (7) Steps driven by Twenty-four (24) Formation on our mapping system:

System Map
Six-to-Six (6-6) Hexagonal Mapping

If you route back from the beginning, here are all the seven (7) steps:
mapi one (1) with 4 to (5)1,
maps 5 back with 4 to (9)2,
mapo 9 with 15 to (24)3,
mapg 24 back with 9 to (33)4,
mapr 33 with 17 to (50)5,
mapa 50 with 16 as Six-to-Six (6-6) Linear Mapping to (66)6,
mapm 66 with 24 pairs as Six-to-Six (6-6) Hexagonal Mapping toward a single system (1)7.

See that each of the seven (7) steps is tightly linked with the format of twenty-four (24), although the formation of 24 is just showed up on the 3rd step but the quadrant is build since the beginning and despite it is disappeared on the 5th step but the hexagonal formation is hold till the end of cycle when it become one single system.

You may find the similarity of these steps when you learn how an embryo is becoming a human baby, or how this universe is created. They are not made the same like a factory assembles a car, or like a high rise building that is made starting by its foundation then continue by its structure and the other things one by one..

An embryo is a live system since it was a cell. It is comparable with how this universe is formed since the Big Bang was happen and leaving the elements composed in our planet. An integrated system is exist there since the very beginning. Each steps that built the whole system runs uniformly persistent and fixedly uninterrupted.

The Seven (7) Periods, or Horizontal Rows of Elements

That is the background why we take our chance to bring you this kind of concept. We have made our own researches to find a similar concept or project on several kind of communities. The largest board of topics we found here which is developed by Stack Exchange, and we found nothing.

We could only close to one topic which still in a proposal called Open-Science. And that means no similar kind of science yet is being named or even close to what we have. So here we are assuring you of our best intentions and observations:

There is no such thing similar with this kind of concept is being developed in human kind of history.

Remember that the 24/7 is live as a non-varying value, even though on many sides of this world occurs that people differ on defining the hour or days. But you know that, whenever they miss they change their own system, not the 24/7.

You may agree that we are doing a different thing in our live but there is no doubt that all of us are living on the same time frame (24/7), no one can live out of it.

So it is like a kind of a securely isolated system.
And it is running out just perfect.

Our Portal

As we have pointed out, our project mapping absorb all the concept on finding the best solution from every direction it may have without an exception.

Every possibilities will be observed and each of the objective frames would be generated and developed within an isolated system but correlated into each other.

Mapping Symbology
Back to Routine

Since the project takes the HYIP as a model, we are going to explore it within the nature of the 1st-step of our mapping and fold them into four (4) sections starting from Site Building, Monitoring System, Business Networking up to Project Mapping.

The further steps will be the other Six (6) out of the seven (7) steps of our mapping which are consist of Project Introduction, Site Rating, Team Work, Monitoring Script, Social Coding, and Networking.

Please note that those topics are not mandatory. Here, as long as you follow the formation of the mapping, you may take whatever scope that you want to start. The mapping will guide you to the right form follow to what objectives you have set.

To make it clear, please find more explanation on our documentation which is discussing about How to find your best food.

From the explanation above, you may see that the challenge in the whole process is building a single unit to what you want to deal with, into a single system.

Later you might find that the formation will initiate for an rearrangement or requiring a missing scope while these Six (6) steps are going to built them to become unified as a single system that match to what we have defined in the 1st-step.

It may also happen in many cases that a settlement will need to be achieved one by one to move forward to make all of them to become integrated as a single system. And that our mapping is stand for.

Just for an example, on the process in between, we will need to define whether a connection between one scope to other scope are matched to support each other. Here we will need to integrate our site’s performance with the generated data from a web tool like the ones from Google and Bing.

Most probably it will come many parameters or resources similar with above which are required by the mapping.

So it tends to become a very complicated system. Therefore we are going to build them in a separated platforms which features is found and available as the best to support the requirements on each of their own profiles.

Inline with the mapping definition, we are going to setup our Open Source Portal of all the ‘Script Code‘ implemented to the Project on GitHub, BitBucket, and SourceForge.

We are going also setting up our Script Portal on the most well-known programming like PHP, Python, Java, Go with possible also Node.js, Scala, Clojure, and Ruby.

On top of them, as we’re expanding and formalizing our Networking System, we also setup our Official Blog, Forum, News, Group, and Community for Public Discussion.

As this concept is basically applicable in general case, you can take whatever the case you are dealing with and we are welcome every one of you to join if you find your interest on each one of them.

The HYIP Project

High Yard Investment Prohram
The HYIP Project

We are providing an Open Source Project on GitHub, we started to port this project on Aug 16, 2014 and named as The HYIP Project.

For the time being this project is developed using all benefits on Google Products even all program code available in the planet to generate a widely integrated information to score and rate a group of sites running in a same business category.

It is quite hard to find such of business model that easily to be scored or whether our score is really represent the actual situation in the business live. To rectify in a short time that the script is correctly giving an correct result we need to test it on a kind of business model that also can be measured in a short time period.

Having reviewing many alternatives we came to a business category called HYIP, known as the common abbreviation of High-Yield Investment Programs), which we found as a perfect model for us to be started.

Following are some reason behind this selection to this busines model:

  • Site that running hyip business are mostly online within short period (a year or less) and hyip business has to present exact profit to the user in a short time basis to market their services.
  • Most important is since the hyip is mostly a ponzi scheme so hyip site cannot be run in a long time period so we could find whether our algorithm in our script is giving a correct scoring result in a short time as well.
  • Hyip site is easily to be considered as dead or as a hyip scam when the site is stop paying so we consider that they could not blame our scoring (as we still on start to test it) in the same way that we cannot blame when they collapse or even run and take our investment away.

So base on the above measurement as well from the hyip forum we can take all information of hyip service being offered compare to the trust of the domain that can be put altogether to rank and score the hyip sites.

Despite we are still trying hard to predict how long a hyip site can be running online we have came to have a scoring result of best site which is more or less are the same as represent by other hyip monitoring sites that comparing those hyip sites.

However as additional features compares to them we are providing the score with a numbers of category base on the investment or budget level even from as low as US$ 1. This is just a model to give you a figure on how we are going to start.

As an update we would like to announce that we have released our software made in Google SpreadSheet called HYIP Score Analysis v1.2. A simple table with a Powerful Hyip Analysis contains the killer script formulas to do the hyip rating.

If you like to see the script in action, it can be visited here.

We have also started to make our project documentation which begin with our Project Information in General. We are going to introduce our Project Repositories as well as our Wiki Documentation that are provided based on a unique mapping concept into an overall Project Map.

On the long time running we have also want to go to other widely business such as scoring of who is the best domain registrant, who is the best web designer, who is the best hosting provider, who is the best of seo services etc.

We are going to present the result in the style as hyip monitor so even the user only have US$ 1 in their budget they could find our scoring is useful for them. As you know that it is really difficult to find such a good services when you have only a little budget.

In the contrary you have to be more wise and careful to decide whether you still doing a business with your current partner or go to other more reputable business partner when your budget is growing up.

How if we say that this does not rule out the possibility for us go on a wider destination to provide such kind of real business information like best investment return, best short term investment, low risk investments, investment fund.

It can be also some more valuable ones like your options on short or long term loans, reliable insurance company, as well as for finance, trading etc. And that we are able to provide all of them in an accountable manner.

That is all what we want to go. We intent to be among the best and trusted company in scoring any business in the same way as Google on giving their amazing service on ‘keyword base‘ search result to the world.

At last but not least we welcome for your comments or opinion to our project. Please feel free to try your hand at building other formats any discussion will be opened later once the application is meeting the most targets as described above.

Check The Official Page for The Hyip Project..